Share the Hope of Christmas

I love this time of year…. there’s just something about this season that seems to change us in ways that we don’t see quite as much the other 11 months of the year.  Maybe it’s Hope…… Now don’t get me wrong, Hope is certainly around all year and let’s face it, we all use the word numerous times daily.  We hope for good weather, we hope for a good day, we hope for good health for ourselves and others, we hope for success, we hope dinner is good, you name it, we can “Hope it” and we’re not afraid to share it.
So, how then, could Hope be the catalyst that changes things at Christmas?  It’s simple, Christ became Hope that first Christmas and we still aren’t over it.  From Creation, God promised a Savior and for hundreds of years His children waited, yearning and Hoping for the arrival of this Savior and King.   And when God’s timing was right and He put His plan in motion for the birth of his only begotten Son, Hope started taking on a new look.  Born of a virgin in a barn in Bethlehem wasn’t the look most were expecting for this King, but God’s plans were happening just as he said they would.  And as they were unfolding the Hope GOD had promised for hundreds of years was finally here and the Good News is ~ it hasn’t changed.  So while we hope for nice gifts, good meals, good fellowship etc, I think the HOPE found in our Savior and the promise of spending eternity with him as He planned is what makes these next few weeks different.   So Go and Tell it from your Mountain and see what the True Hope of CHRISTmas can do in the lives of those who are seeking Hope.
Chris Best

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