Trials…What Good are They?

Let’s face it, life is full of trials and sometimes we just want to say, ” Alright already!” …Why do I have to face so many trials and what good are they anyway?  It’s a tough question, but it’s real for all of us in some capacity.  As believer’s we hope and maybe even sometimes expect the trials to cease.  But, we find they don’t and sometimes they ​even ​seem to increase​.​

S​o we are left to ​try​ to trust that God is there ​to walk us thru​ and ​that ​He has something to teach us that will draw us closer to Him while going thru it.  The good news is Gods word is full of good examples of this and what God can do thru trials.

​I​n our F260 Bible reading for the last couple of weeks we are seeing a great example of this in Joseph.  When it comes to trials, Joseph faced some pretty tough stuff, but he kept his faith in God #1 and we can see where God used ​those​ trials to teach him several things.  One was to accept the situation and glorify God thru it.  It’s real easy to have a “Why Me” approach to trials, but when Joseph was sold into Slavery he accepted the situation and went right to work for Potiphar.  

​Like Joseph w​e must accept our situation for God to work thru it.  Then when wrongly thrown into prison he continued to work hard and instead of holding grudges against those who put him there, he helped them prosper. God used this to bless others and draw them to himself, he can do the same thru our trials.  God ​also ​taught Joseph patience thru numerous and very long trials.  Joseph knew God was going to bless him so he kept his hope fixed on God thru it all and in the end his patience paid off with blessings, as it can for us in our trials.  He taught Joseph integrity thru the temptations of Potiphar’s wife. 

​ Joseph​ knew that being faithful to God 1st and Potiphar 2nd was the right thing to do even thought it would mean more trials, and God blessed ​his patience thru it​ as he will do for us.  He taught Joseph humility thru his trials.  At any point Joseph could have taken credit for his ability to interpret dreams and gained the reward for it, but instead Joseph always gave glory to God for this ability, proclaiming that God was responsible for his abilities and that deserved the glory for it all.  Joseph knew it was God’s blessing that gave him the ability to get thru this trial, so he gave him the glory as we should when God walks us thru a trial.    

​There are several things God Taught Joseph, but I’ll close with a big one that we all struggle with, forgiveness.  God taught Joseph that forgiveness is key for dealing with the trials in our life.  If we are going to get past some of the biggest trials in our life we must first forgive those who have wronged us so God can do his great work thru them.  Joseph knew God’s plan​s​ w​ere ​bigger than he was and ​that they were ​bigger than the many trials he faced ​since​ his brothers had committed ​the sin of selling him into slavery.  But, instead of holding a grudge he forgave, he trusted God​,​ and ​he ​gave God​the Glory he deserved every step of the way.  

Joseph’s trials and how he handled them, ​can teach us a lot ​​as we face our ​daily​ trials, so keep on reading and trusting in God’s word. And even though the trials may continue, He will walk you thru drawing you and others around you to Himself the whole way.  

Chris Best


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