The Makings of Me

Dad called last night and he was excited to share with me the report he got from his genetic kit.  You or someone you knew probably sent or received one of those genetic kits for Christmas.  I will be sending off my DNA kit shortly. They appeal to our fascination with ourselves and all that has gone into the 23 chromosomes that have determined our physical body.  Not only do we learn about our body, we also learn about all the places our specific forebears have traveled and intermingled.  We no longer see ourselves as just either red, yellow, black, or white but also as all the colors of the world.  I will look forward to learning about the various cultures and generic tendencies of my personal people groups.  This will be done with an eye to explain and understand my own tendencies and struggles.  We are always looking for someone to blame for our failings, aren’t we?

I am sad to say that my failings are personally mine and mine alone.  Yet, I read a verse in 2 Corinthians 5:16-17 that instructs me to no longer to judge according to the flesh but to seek Christ in myself and others because God is making us into a new creation.  As interesting as it might be to know the genetic markings of myself and others, more meaningful is to seek Christ in them.  This will lead us to an active prayer thought life as we go about our day.  Let the people you meet through your day form an active prayer list for you as you move through your schedules and agendas.  Pray for your people that Christ would be active and work in their hearts and life.  This spiritual power of Christ will determine more of you will be than genetic chromosomes.  As James instructs, “receive the implanted Word of God.”

Pastor Jarrod


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