Sunday was Mother’s Day.  Outside of Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, I’m not sure there is a more deserving focus of recognition than mothers.  To be sure, Father’s Day has its place, as God has given fathers their unique calling and place in the structure and design of the home and society.  And as significant and historic as was the accomplishment of our nation attaining its independence, I would still place Mother’s Day ahead of July 4th.  And though setting aside a day of the year to remember and honor our servicemen who have died for our country is hardly thanks enough for their sacrifice, Memorial Day also takes a back seat to Mother’s Day.  Certainly holidays such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Labor Day pale in comparison to the day chosen to honor our mothers.

One of the things that makes mothers, and by extension Mother’s Day, so special is that they are worthy of honor simply for who they are, and not because they have done anything extraordinary.  But do not misunderstand, what I might refer to as less than extraordinary would be for the males of our race literally inconceivable.  But beyond the ability to conceive and carry a child (or more), the splendor of a mom is revealed in the thousand little things that make them who they are, things that come out as naturally as you and I breathe, things which would be extraordinary for a mere human.

For moms are superhuman, aren’t they?  At least, I hope you see yours as so.  I certainly view mine that way.  God blessed me with a mom who grew in faith in the Lord only after I had become an adult.  And whereas Christ was far from a priority for her as she raised us, in her later years, He became central to her thoughts and behavior.  But all the while, through an unhappy marriage and jobs that demanded so much of her time and energy, her love for me never wavered, and her vigor seemed to never deplete, even to the day before she went to heaven.  Ultimately, God took her body and soul simultaneously, and for that I am extremely grateful.

And now, my kids have the same kind of mother.  She works circles around all seven of us, and her heart is tender to the slightest offense in them.  She loves and serves her husband, and has God’s glory as the desire of her heart.  Her faults are just like yours and mine, small and momentous, occasional yet recurrent.  And they remind her of her need for a Savior who loves without condition.  Yes, as Proverbs 31:10 says, she is a virtuous wife worth far more than rubies.

Your mom deserves a day.  She probably deserves a month, maybe even her own planet.  For God could have started and grown families in a million other ways, but He chose to give each of us a mother.  And for that, I say thank you.  Mothers, I hope your day was special.

Rich Holt


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